My personal efforts, explorations and experiments.


The future is crisis. We are all experiencing how the covid situation is currently transitioning into a cost of living crisis. And we can also see how climate related disasters are becoming more frequent, and more intense. Although different in nature and not always directly related, it seems that the best way to endure - and survive - them is often the same: through local resilience and cooperation.

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Romanesco is a website builder that allows you to jumpstart your project and add content right away. It's based on an open source CMS (MODX) and comes with a flexible design system, so you still have plenty of freedom to customize it to your needs.

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While setting up our own food forest / permaculture project, and during the construction of the Philippine Food Forest site, I discovered that it helps to have data about your surroundings. Where are certain trees located? What kinds of vegetation are growing here? As a kind of bookkeeping software for forests, ForestBrain was born.

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Philippine Food Forest

Like many people, I am increasingly worried about the unfolding climate catastrophe. It's on my mind a lot and I want to do something about it. But what? Part of the problem is the way we eat. Or more accurately: the way we farm. Food forests make us more resilient by providing nutrition and security, while regenerating natural systems instead of destroying them.

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Puting Bato

Through our projects, interests and advocacies, it became apparent to me that most of humanities problems stem from a single driver: our self-inflicted separation from nature. By viewing it as an external force, we fail to fully see our own interactions with nature, and the physical laws that govern these interactions. Puting Bato is our therapy for healing this severed relationship with the land.

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For a while now, I've been playing with the idea of laying out the food map we all carry around in our heads. I don't know what that looks like exactly, but I imagine it to be a network of sources, habits and values that we use to hunt and gather food every day.

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During the pandemic, we were forced to close our physical restaurant. Everything moved online, so we created our own digital store. Although it started in response to an emerging crisis, FoodStore builds upon existing ideas of localizing food supplies and getting in touch with our farmers and our food (again).

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Grow Organics

Initiated by my wife, Grow Organics emerged out of a growing interest in gardening and growing concerns about the trajectory of our current food system. It started with simply planting some veggies and herbs wherever we could, and soon we discovered how delicious freshly picked tomatoes and home made pesto really are.

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Based on the Romanesco platform, WebsiteLikeThis was created as a hosted product for people in need of a website quickly. The idea was for customers to sign up and immediately start adding content. This website was, as the name suggests, using the same platform as the WLT site itself. Website You See Is What You Get. Complete with all available features. (Un?)fortunately, it failed...

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It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you.