Don't fix the problem. Change the system.

What does that mean?

Icon Resilient technology Sturdy. Open source. Able to adapt and repurpose.

Icon Local food networks Quality and cooperation over price and competition.

Icon Regenerative farming Healthy soil. Food forests. Permaculture.

Ready for a brave new world

Hi! My name is Hugo, and I'm the one farming the fractals around here. I started out as a multimedia designer and then gradually drifted towards web development / web engineering. And now I'm also gardening, growing a food forest, doing a PDC, learning about ecology, taste testing for our restaurant and fathering 2 wonderful boys.

The Fractal Forest

Notes about building things on the internet. With Romanesco, FoodBrain or just in general. Mostly meant for fellow web designers, developers, open sourcerers and other binary lifeforms.