Puting Bato Food Forest

Through our projects, interests and advocacies, it became apparent to me that most of humanities problems stem from a single driver: our self-inflicted separation from nature. By viewing it as an external force, we fail to fully see our own interactions with nature, and the physical laws that govern these interactions. Puting Bato is our therapy for healing this severed relationship with the land.

We are fortunate enough to lease 2 hectares of ancestral land Baganihan, Marilog. Our journey has only just begun and we don't have a lot of time to go there, but already it feels very rewarding. We started replanting some of the native species that have grown there before (because unfortunately most of those have been logged during the past century), along with some fruit trees. And it's amazing to observe how sometimes the best way to help nature, is by doing nothing.

Someday, we hope, a food forest will have emerged, providing nutrition, shelter, peace and joy for our family, and for all the people, birds, snakes, warthogs, bugs and critters with whom we share this land.