Build exactly what's needed. Be online within a day.

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No lengthy and costly development phase upfront...

Create > publish > improve.

How it works

No quotations, no surprises.

Fractal Farming doesn't sell websites by giving you a (hefty) quote upfront and then building everything from scratch. Instead, you pay a (modest) one-time setup fee and an (optional) monthly subscription fee.

One-time setup


Monthly subscription

30 optional

Filipino clients pay 15,000 PHP / 1,500 PHP, which roughly amounts to a 20% discount.
Discounts for non-profit or very low-maintenance projects can be discussed.

Your site, your content

If you decide to cancel your subscription, or if you don't want to have a monthly commitment after the one-time setup, there is good news: you get to keep the website if you leave. The code, the content, everything. No catch, no hassle. It's yours. You only need a subscription if you want Fractal Farming to take care of the hosting, apply bugfixes, make improvements and add new features to your website.

Content first

We start with the most important part: content. We outline where you want to go and prototype the first steps towards getting there. You'll be able to add and edit the content yourself, without needing to write any code. When you're done, just hit "publish" and your content is live. No final product anymore. Only the next round of improvements.

Customize if needed

For any additional requirements, you can extend your website with various customizations. Some might be waiting on the shelves already, others need to be tailor made. They can be paid for by either a small fee on top of your monthly subscription price, or a one time fee upon integration.

Previous customizations

Icon Custom templates

Icon Custom theming

Icon Existing content import

Icon Sorting and filtering

Icon Map with markers

Icon Dataset configurator

Icon Knowledge base

Icon Online food store

Icon Forest manager

AIcon Static HTML output

Icon Automated deployments

Created by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project Icon Visual regression tests

Website in a day

Let's get you started. No kalipay, no pay.

If you need a website, then let's sit down together and create one. We will:

take a look at the content you have
outline the navigation structure
start adding content in the CMS
figure out the domain mumbo jumbo

The objective is not to finish the website in 1 day (it will never be finished anyway). It is to get you started.

After our session, you'll be able to add more content yourself and publish (part of) your website at any time. So don't feel pressured (unless you need that pressure to finally get this over with ;)).

or 15,000 PHP


Tuburan Institute


Steiner/Waldorf school near Davao City, Philippines

  • Created by the community
  • Connected to Nextcloud instance
Visit website
Juridisch Platform

Juridisch Platform

Legal assistance when you've lost your job

  • Content import from WordPress
  • Various integrations and speed improvements
Visit website
Rineke Dijkinga

Rineke Dijkinga

Food writer, health advocate and permaculture farmer

  • Over 1000 pages of quality content
  • Over 10 years old
Visit website
De Digitale Gesprekscyclus


HR software for performance management

  • Multilanguage (NL/EN)
  • Shares styling theme with sister site
Visit website


Create value from food waste with BSF

  • Created in 1 day
  • I got paid in worms
Visit website
HQ Juice Bar & Quick Bites

HQ Juice Bites

Healthy vegetarian food, drinks and groceries

  • Online store
  • Product exports to delivery platforms
Visit website
Homepage AEX


Architectural design, planning and consultancy

  • Slideshow presentations
  • Forms for quotations and staff evaluation
Visit website
Hoehler AlSalmy

Hoehler AlSalmy

Omani-German architecture and engineering studio

  • Arabic version (RTL)
  • Crosslinking projects, architects and awards
Visit website
La Dolce IJssalon

La Dolce

Ice cream franchise in the North of the Netherlands

  • Web platform for franchise organization
  • Pink labeled
Visit website

Looking for more examples?

Keep looking! The website you see is what you get.

Almost every Fractal Farming project is using Romanesco, an open source platform for creating and maintaining websites. The elements you see here (on this website) all come from the Romanesco pattern library. This library is shared between projects, meaning bug fixes, improvements and new features benefit all Romanesco sites.

The library contains many common website elements, which you can drag and drop anywhere in the content. Each "content block" comes with a few options to modify the looks and behaviour of the element on the page itself.

Content blocks in Romanesco


A full-blown website for a fraction of the cost

Skip lengthy development phases and large investments upfront. Always have the option to modify or extend when needed.

Get results quickly
Regular updates with fixes, improvements and new features
Website and content are yours
A website that lasts longer

Better websites with a field tested pattern library

Skip the tedious part of creating HTML/CSS setting up a CMS. Start right where it gets interesting. Deploy with confidence.

Freedom to extend theming and features
Drastically reduce time fiddling with CSS and (browser) testing
Production ready prototypes
Deploy while others work on content

Responsive content editing, without the hassle

Content is often an afterthought, leaving you to battle it out with a clunky editor. Both you and the content deserve better.

Configurable building blocks for various content types
Integrated form builder
No coding skills required
Keep track of your progress per page

Get the job done, on time and within budget

Shift to a more reliable and predictable development process. Focus less on techology and more on what your client needs.

Improve communication
Get your team started with pattern libraries
Deliver design systems to your clients
Coherent designs in hours instead of days