In an effort to generate some income with the Romanesco platform, WebsiteLikeThis was born. The idea was for customers to sign up and immediately get a website that they could work with. Which was, as the name suggests, using the same platform as the WebsiteLikeThis site itself. Website you see is what you get. Complete with all available features.

The platform would combine the benefits of a website builder with the flexibility of a digital agency. Unfortunately, it never really left the runway. Technically, everything was there. But I grossly underestimated the effort needed (even with a partner / team) to set up support, create tutorials and above all: find clients!

So it failed. Which in the end, I'm grateful for, as there are more important things to focus on. I mention it here because, well.. Because it's hard to let go. It still lingers in my thoughts every now and then, so I'd say there's still a 1% change of resurrection. Maybe because you're reading this?