Based on the Romanesco platform, WebsiteLikeThis was created as a hosted product for people in need of a website quickly. The idea was for customers to sign up and immediately start adding content. This website was, as the name suggests, using the same platform as the WebsiteLikeThis site itself. Website you see is what you get. Complete with all available features. Unfortunately, it failed...

The platform would combine the benefits of a website builder with the flexibility of a digital agency. Technically, everything was there. A web form triggered an automated installer on a datacenter of choice, complete with client logo and color scheme. We formed a team to do marketing, provide support, create tutorials, etc. But partnership problems arose and finding clients also proved way harder than initially imagined.

So it failed. Which in the end, I'm grateful for. By that time, I'd found other things which I felt were more important to focus on. I mention it here because, well.. Because it's hard to let go. It still lingers in my thoughts every now and then, so I guess that means there's still a chance of resurrection. Maybe because you're reading this?